trx kinney pt wellnessThis is my words of advice to my clients, that I have shared over the years and one my Dan”isms”. We all agree that we need to train in all aspects of life, whether physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Sometimes training is moving towards a short term goal, like lose 10 lbs in 6 wks or may be part of a long term goal of practicing a way of life that optimizes life and well being.

Sometimes training can be hard and even feel like straining, such as going to the gym for the first time or starting physical therapy following an injury.

When talking about physical training vs straining, I use these guidelines:

  1. Warm up for a few minutes before doing the task.
  2. LISTEN to your body, it does talk to you. Sharp pain, pinching, numbness, fatigue are all signs that you went too far.
  3. Maintain proper technique throughout the activity and as soon as you lose that proper technique, you are at risk of strain or injury.
  4. Choose to do different activities or exercises, instead of of the same over and over. This is called Cross Training, including flexibility, mobility, moving in all 3 planes- Functional Training, cardiovascular and strength
  5. ALLOW your body to RECOVER. Build in easy days and have a day of REST. Honestly, it is OKAY to have a day of rest. GOD even says so!!
  6. IF the pain lasts longer than 48 hours and the pain is higher than a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, it is a STRAIN. Do NOT PUSH through, it will lead to a STRAIN or injury.
  7. BE conscious and aware of the movement and the feedback. Learn proper techniques.
  8. Occasionally, have bodywork done. I am now available to help your body. DON’T wait until your injured before you see me.
  9. USE it or LOSE it !! Drop the NO PAIN, NO GAIN and adopt the TRAIN, NO STRAIN approach !!
  10. ACCEPT where you are right now. Let go of the need to be perfect and practice MOVING Towards your goal. Modify and change as needed.
  11. HAVE FUN and ENJOY!