I am extremely excited about this program. We were taught that we had to workout 40-60 minutes a day to burn calories, loss weight and to get in shape. For most of us, it was very difficult to dedicate that much time and effort on a weekly basis so most of us failed, didn’t get the results that we wanted and gave up.

Sound familiar?

Or made the commitment to working out that hard and then developed a chronic injury and now we aren’t able to exercise and had to receive medical care. I recently received a patient because she hurt herself after only two visits with the personal trainer. Great intentions destroyed and now will take weeks to help her recover from the injury.

Having a long career in sports medicine, I have seen a lot of different training techniques, workouts and methodologies to achieving fitness and well-being and most of them are brutal.
I was frustrated as a physical therapist to help the client recover from an injury and then not have a program to help them go to the next level of fitness and health. I even went through a personal training Certification program to help my discharge patients to keep moving forward but decided not to pursue personal training.

I am beyond thrilled to present this 15 minute workout 6x/wk..

This program is nonstop six exercises up to two minutes each, working on cardiovascular, strength, power and balance.

This is a lifestyle exercise program and not a short quick fix program.

Make this commitment to your health, your future and life. Call for more information and let’s get started!

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