Lately, I have been seeing many people that have chronic pain. The common denominator I have noticed is all of these people spend a great deal of time sitting. Sitting creates compression and stagnation which leads to compression of the spine, nerve endings, blood flow, abdomen including the bowel, bladder, male and female organs, the guts including the digestive system as well as the rib cage which houses the heart and lungs.

Man in blue plaid shit and jeans sitting with head in his hands near the ocean.

The body was meant to move. Unfortunately, our society invites us to sit even as we begin our schooling. Due to the lack of movement, it leads to a slower metabolism, obesity, and chronic pain.

The first thing is to look at the workstation. Is the chair the proper fit for you specifically? How about the desk? Do the desk and the chair work well together? What about the computer position?
Consider an adjustable desk so you can stand as well as sit.

Woman in spotted blouse hunched over in seat holding lower back in pain.

Next, how often do you get up and move? Do you do anything when you’re up to increase your heart rate and blood flow? Simple solutions are bouncing on a rebounder, going up and down stairs, going for a short quick walk, marching in place, or spinning on a recumbent bike.

The key to offsetting the damages of sitting is incorporating what I call “little bits often“. Movement is power. Sitting on the pelvis, which is our power center, feeds the rest of our body and creates problems throughout the body.

I am offering an initial evaluation to help you assess your workstation, lifestyle, and your body. Call now to set up your initial evaluation to help yourself and prevent the challenges of sitting.

Be happy & be healthy,
Dan Kinney