A middle-aged woman leaning against a table with her hand on her face in distress.

Did you know that stress is a major factor in 90% of chronic illnesses and conditions?

We all are exposed to stress whether it is physical, emotional, mental, environmental, or spiritual. Stress plays havoc on our system and knocks the body out of its natural rhythm. As a result of the stress, the body goes into a reaction that increases our heart rate, and cortisol level, which causes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be an influence on chronic pain, hormone disruption, G.I. distress, insulin resistance, and even disruption of our sleep!

What if I told you that there was a test that would give us a snapshot of our stress index? It turns out there is a test called the Stress Metabolic Profile. This test gives us an overview of our cortisol level, hormones, insulin level at fasting, and gut health. Once we get the results, we can suggest solutions to address stress management. We use rhythm resets to allow the body to normalize itself and, as always, bodywork and functional movements. This program is even backed by Harvard, Stanford, and The Mayo Clinic!

If you’re interested in getting a snapshot of your stress index, please reach out to me.

Be happy & be healthy,
Dan Kinney