A study published in the medical journal Neurology followed older adults eating habits over a five-year period and found the following:

  • The food groups commonly eaten between people who have developed dementia versus the people that did not get dementia different substantially. They found the people that developed dementia H processed and deli meats And combined those meats will start to foods like potatoes, cookies, cakes and alcohol consumption.
  • those least likely to get dementia have diversity of healthy foods in her diet such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and seafood.

Another study out of the University of California, Riverside published in Endocrinology found That soybean oil is linked to Alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance.

Unfortunately, Soybean oil Is the top oil consumed in United States.

The research is been here for years on healthy food plans and healing our bodies through foods. It is time to take a proactive healthy approach to your well-being and only for today but for the future.

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