Welcome to February, a month where all forms of love are celebrated. This month I’d like to inspire you to embrace change and fall in love with the idea of transforming into a better, healthier YOU.

African America woman in white striped sweater sitting on gray and yellow sofa in sunny room with windows while hugging herself.

When new clients walk through my doors, their initial wish is often to be freed from pain. I ask them, “What is pain stopping you from doing? If your pain was completely gone, how would your life be different? What would you be doing?” The surprisingly common answer; they’re stumped. It makes me realize how most people just want to be out of pain without having further motive to stick to it.

This is where I offer something different than other physical therapists. My goal is to show you that your health journey is not just about escaping pain and discomfort but about rediscovering joy and engagement in life. By discovering the root causes of your pain, I start by encouraging a simple yet powerful mindset: pain is not your enemy.

Instead, think of pain as a messenger signaling areas of neglect or imbalance in your body. Do you really want to kill the messenger? Getting rid of it doesn’t teach you how to make changes in your life, and suppressing pain with temporary fixes, like ice or medication, becomes a missed opportunity for true healing.

Take one of my clients, for example. I’ve been working with a gentleman who has been suffering from chronic neck pain and headaches for years despite multiple clinicians and tests. What have they been doing? Focusing only on his head and neck – the areas of his pain. However, through my whole-body approach, we identified the root causes—tightness in his pelvis and mid-back. Addressing these areas not only alleviated his symptoms but also taught him new, healthier ways to move and live. It’s a true testament to the power of educating yourself so you can understand and treat the body as an interconnected system, not a standalone area of pain.

It ultimately comes down to your individual mindset and the action steps that you will need to take. Transitioning from a state of pain to one of health is a proactive, empowering process. Instead of quick fixes, I will teach you how to embrace lifestyle changes that foster overall well-being with lasting results. This includes adopting healthier routines, making mindful food choices, and committing to oneself so you can achieve all your health and wellness goals.

If you are ready to commit to YOU, reach out to me. I’m here to guide you and help you learn how to make healthy changes in 2024.

Be happy & be healthy,