I want to talk to you middle-aged ex-athletes, 40-60 years old, who used to be in great shape but are now experiencing many pains and other problems. You used to be able to do all these activities but now you struggle with back pain.

You’ve gone to many doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and maybe even surgery. But, this pain has continued.

I want to let you know about a full-bodied approach.

In 2001, I became a patient myself. I was involved in a car accident, which left me with this low-left back pain. It was an annoying, nagging pain that just wouldn’t go away.

I went to a practitioner but my pain intensified and even went down to my left leg. I was getting nerve pain and weakness. So, I went to another doctor. But, again I didn’t get any results. I became so desperate that I went to a friend, who’s a back surgeon, and begged him to do surgery on me. He wasn’t able to perform the surgery.

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I went on this journey to really figure out the body. I wanted to look at the body as a whole rather than just looking at the back. I found a formula that worked wonders on myself so then I started practicing it with my patients.

My patients kept getting better, and better, and better. Then, I had people wanting to come work with me but who were not in the local area, so that’s where I came up with this online program. I teach you the step-by-step to understand your body as an individual. I provide you with full support along your journey.

I’m looking to help that person who is struggling. We’ll explore you as an individual to find the root cause of your problem. If this sounds like you, schedule a complimentary consultation below:

Let me guide you along your journey to wellness!