Hell to ParadisePART 1  : HELL

Exhausted & Energy Depleted

Another day stressful day at the office and heading home finally. Exhausted, The body aches and he is having a sharp pain in the low back which has been bothering him for years. He just wants to go home, eat and relax but feels guilty because the wife and kids want to go swimming.

Treating Symptoms & Snake Oil

He is so tired of living in pain and taking all these drugs – one for pain , another for inflammation, blood pressure, cholesterol and one for the gut.  He is going to doctors, specialist tests and trying the next cure.

The doctor or therapist can only work on 1 body part at a time (which he doesn’t understand and he is pissed) but it is hard to choose which body part because everything hurts.

Frustration, Pain & Fear

He can’t believe at this age, he is a complete shit show and pissed that his body is falling apart. He is thinking, I used to be in great shape and a very good athlete WT* HAPPENED? He has worry that the doctors missed something (based on talking to others and internet) and maybe he has cancer or something like that. He gave up running because the specialist told him it was hard on his knees and back, no more tennis, golf, hiking. WHAT IS LEFT??????

Hell to Paradise, Big Guy, DrugsSnowball to a Hellish Existence

Now he has gained weight, feeling out of shape and is looking for answers for body and life.  Now he immerses himself into work because that’s the only thing he feels somewhat successful. Working longer hours and not spending as much time with the family and kids. His relationship with his wife is mere coexistence, and she is angry because he works too much and it takes time away from her and the family. She feels like he doesn’t care anymore. Even when they are intimate, which is rare, he has to take a freaking pill to get erection. He feels like a failure. Not like the good old days. Now he has has to get up in the middle of night to pee, sometimes 2-3x. He just wants to sleep through the entire night and wake up restored and rejuvenated. Just two more hours please.

This Is Hell

Life is completely different than what he thought it was going to be when first married. He envisioned getting that big promotion 10 years ago with a huge increase in salary but that fell through. Traveling with the family to exotic places and have a country club membership socialize, play tennis and golf with his buddies.

Now all he wants is a new body 😩



He’s an Animal : Performing like a Champ

He wakes up energized and feeling so alive, and looks over to see his beautiful wife. He can’t believe, that they had the most intimate, romantic night together and was blown away how great the sex (actually lovemaking) was and no Viagra. They are celebrating their 25 year wedding anniversary in the Mediterranean for five weeks and then spending four nights in Paris before returning home to celebrate with friends and family. His relationship with his wife is unbelievable and has re-fallen in love with her.  He is saying to himself, I can’t believe how great our relationship is, it truly is the best it has every been. The love, support, the communication, the Flirtiness and connection is truly amazing.

Feel Better, Be Better Health CoachEnter “FEEL BETTER, BE BETTER”, 7 Step Program

Wow, going through with the FEEL BETTER, BE BETTER program was shocking to see how much support from the entire family and they even did some of the program together — especially the food plan. Having their support made it so much easier for him to implement and practice what he learned. Their support meant the world to him and it made him feel very happy, respected and loved.

Confidence Boosted – Steps into Leadership Role

Oh, by the way, the entire family lost weight, are more fit and active and they do a lot more together as a family. He did not realize how much of his energy or lack of energy/mood (in the past) was impacting the family dynamics. He is saying to himself, I can’t believe how much others have changed or is it me?   Giggle

Positive, Motivated & Driven

Prior to going on the six week wedding anniversary trip, he was offered a new job, actually his dream job, which completely aligns with his life philosophy and core values. One of the best parts of the job is he can and does work from home most of the time which offers more flexibility to attend the children and grandchildren‘s activities and spend more time with his wife and extra spare time for him. He loves his new job and the entire team that he supervises. He feels on purpose and having a bigger impact on society in a positive way. He is saying to himself, what a wonderful life and so grateful.

No More Drugs

The best part is that his health has vastly improved.   Completely off the medications, high energy like he was 15 years ago.   No more chronic pain, stiffness, fatigue and difficulty with sleep. He is actually surprised that he sleeps so well and doesn’t even have to get up most nights to go to the bathroom. The simple things, that he took for granted.

Greatness & Vitality Restored

Physically, he is surprised at how much weight he is lifting using the power of 10 technique and much has changed. No soft round belly and now defined muscle . He feels like he is as strong as he was in his prime. He is back playing tennis and he is playing at 4.5 level. His golf handicap has dropped below 10 for the first time in a long time. He can’t believe that he can have so much fun playing sports and play at the level that he’s playing at. His friends want to know his secret and accuse him of taking performance enhancement drugs, like some of the pro athletes do and he just laughs.  Addicted to Positive Changes.

Positive, Grateful & Back on Track

Another big win for him is he notices less negative self talk/beliefs, reduced frustration, doubts, fears and anger. He has incorporated a morning ritual of meditation, gratitude, visualization and movement-based activities. He also uses some of the tools and goal-setting activities to keep him moving forward.

Back to Living, Really Living

Now with life balanced with great health, work, finances, relationships, and recreation there is more time for the bucket list which includes more travel, more time with family and friends and involved in missions to help others and philanthropic activities.

This is Paradise

Life is really good and he feels blessed and fortunate. His heart is full.

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