The season of Spring brings the energy of change, growth, and vitality.

As we embrace this season of renewal, let’s build on the foundation we established last month with part two of my Four Phases of Rehab series: Mobility

Female silhouette stretching on the beach in the sunset
As mentioned last month, alignment is the first thing we must achieve when seeking rehabilitation. Once alignment has been achieved, we introduce mobility, the bridge that connects strength and flexibility, allowing for fluid, pain-free movement. Without proper mobility, your body’s potential remains locked, which can lead to dysfunction and persistent pain.

Have you ever wondered why people who take yoga or stretching classes can still feel tight and restricted? This common frustration often stems from one of two things: a lack of alignment or not knowing how to move.

Proper mobility training allows your body to move with ease in all directions. This freedom increases your strength and power, impacting not just the musculoskeletal system but also improving digestion, hormonal balance, and circulation.

Mobility is an essential step in rehabilitation. If you are interested in maximizing your body’s potential, reach out to me. Let’s work together to ensure your body moves with the strength, flexibility, and grace you deserve.

Be Happy & Be Healthy,
Dan Kinney