Welcome to March, a month where renewal and growth begin to bloom all around us as the seasons start to change. So, in the spirit of growth and change, I’d like to introduce you to the first chapter of a new series I’m writing that will transform your understanding of rehabilitation and wellness called “The Four Phases of Rehab.

This month, I’ll be talking about our first phase of rehab: Alignment

A yellow flower in three stages of growth in soil with a blurred green nature background.

Over my years of guiding clients through their wellness journeys, I’ve discovered the critical importance of starting with alignment. Without proper alignment, the rest of your body operates under stress, becoming weak and compromised. I’ve seen this through countless client experiences and learned that misalignment, especially in the pelvis, affects not just our physical state but our energetic balance, too.

Your pelvis is a powerhouse. It not only supports your physical frame but influences your entire body, including your gut health, rib cage alignment, and even your chakras. When your pelvis is aligned, it triggers a domino effect, energizing and empowering the rest of your body and well-being. When aligned, it optimizes how well your body functions and significantly reduces the amount of stress it endures.

Xray graphic of a skeleton's pelvis.

To achieve alignment, one must look at it as a lifestyle rather than a one-time fix. It’s about integrating daily practices into your life to maintain your body’s optimum condition, ensuring long-term health and vitality. My Full Body Approach addresses alignment by evaluating your whole body to understand the root causes of your misalignment and discomfort. From there, I develop your custom wellness and rehab program tailored specifically to your body’s needs.

Curious about how the Full Body Approach can bring alignment into your life? Reach out to me to learn more. It’s time to transform your health, reduce stress, and empower your life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Be Happy & Be Healthy,
Dan Kinney