As we get older, one of our biggest challenges is a condition called sarcopenia.

What is sarcopenia? In a nutshell, it is a generalized and progressive loss of muscle mass.

Why is that a concern?

Loss of muscle mass correlates to physical disability, poor quality of life and leads to other medical conditions including osteoporosis, diabetes, weight gain and loss of physical function which then leads to depression and loss of independence.

I have been following my BeFit 2x exercise program and the relate research behind the science and have seen dramatic transformation in peoples lives even people in their 70s with improved body physique, increase bone density, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat.

As we develop muscle mass that increases our efficiency to regulate blood sugar, burn calories and fat.

So stop killing yourself and join me in this new lifestyle exercise program dedicated 15 min., 2x/wk.. I am working for that person that is dedicated and committed to their health and well-being and is looking for someone to assist them on this journey.

I am already am working with several people and it is phenomenal to watch the transformation. Better muscle definition, better energy, improved self-esteem but also making better choices when it comes to food and other lifestyle activities.

Some people have shown interest but they don’t want to leave their home due to the pandemic. I hear you and understand so I am creating an online program that will take you through the exercises, hold you accountable, a support group and do follow up fitness assessments on monthly bases.

For online program: Live Q & A monthly, Chat available 24/7.

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If you are ready and motivated to reclaim your health and vitality, schedule a discovery call with Dan — where we will explore your goals and see if you are a good fit for my program.

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