Welcome to May, a month where we can fully embrace the changes of spring and prepare ourselves for a rejuvenating summer.

This month, we continue with my Four Stages of Rehab by introducing the third phase: Stability.

Balancing stones in sunlight near the ocean

In the last couple of months, we discussed the crucial first steps of rehabilitation: alignment and mobility. They are the foundational pillars that prepare you for this next phase of strength and stabilization. Try and think of stabilization as setting your foot against a solid curb instead of slipping on ice. It’s about grounding your body so that when you push, you move forward with force and confidence. It’s the phase of rehab where your core muscles can learn to support your spine as well as your entire body’s structure, making you stronger and more sure of step.

When my patients reach the stabilization phase, I start them on a program I call the “10X Program.” This stabilization program is designed to truly elevate your rehabilitation to the next level. It’s a significant advancement that propels you toward optimal physical function and well-being by teaching the neutral spine position to reinforce alignment. As you progress, it trains your core to not just be strong but powerfully supportive. The enhancement of your trunk stability immediately boosts the strength and power in your extremities — without even directly strengthening them!

One of the greatest benefits of my 10X Program is that it’s not just improving physical strength, but also boosting confidence, power, esteem, and vitality. A stable body supports a vibrant life, allowing you to enjoy the activities you love without fear of pain or injury.

If you’re struggling with poor mobility and want to rediscover a life of strength and stability, reach out to me. My 10X Program could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Let me guide you towards a future where you can move freely and confidently.

Together, we’ll build the resilience and power needed to tackle daily activities and beyond. Let’s transform your health and empower you to live your best life!

Be Happy & Be Healthy,
Dan Kinney