Female in black yoga pants and white sneakers touching their toes on wood path outdoors.I just got off the phone talking to a potential new patient who told me about her ongoing elbow and wrist pain that has lasted for over a year and a half. She explained to me that she has seen two doctors and a physical therapist. When she told me what she was doing, I asked her “why are you keep overworking the area that is overworked.”

The messenger/pain is trying to teach us something. In most cases, the area where you have your pain is where you are overworked. Giving more exercises to the overworked area is going to create more pain and overwhelm.

Becoming aware of your whole body and where your tightness, restrictions, and weaknesses in other parts of the body can create strain on the overworked area.

For instance, elbow pain could be a result of weakness and tightness in the upper back and shoulder. It doesn’t make any sense to only treat the elbow then, does it?

Learning how to use the whole body as a unit and stop putting stress and strain on the overworked area is the critical piece.

My full-body approach looks at the whole body as a unit and then teach you where the restrictions and weaknesses are that could contribute to your pain. Becoming aware is the first step to making a change.

I am offering full-body evaluations at this time. Please call to set up your appointment to “Feel Better, Be Better.”

Be happy & be healthy,
Dan Kinney