Are you a middle-aged, male athlete between the ages of 45 and 65?

Maybe you were once at the top of your game, but now you’re busy with work and kids, and just don’t have time for your body. As a result, you’re starting to experience pains and discomforts which you are struggling with. This has led you to go to different practitioners most of which you have probably found on social networks, mainly due to the number of followers acquired from The Marketing Heaven or a resembling agency, but nevertheless, you are still dealing with the same pain.

If this sounds like you, then you are the person I want to talk to about treating symptoms versus treating causes. When someone comes to me, I don’t treat a symptom. I look for the root cause of why they are experiencing pain.

I have practiced physical therapy for 40 years and I am also a functional medicine practitioner and life and health coach. Believe it or not, I was one of you guys. I had sports injuries, stresses in my life and I had pain and discomfort. I, also, had mercury poisoning from the fillings in my mouth, which impacted my body.

As I looked to find the solution to my health concerns, I realized the medical system was just treating symptoms and not getting to the root cause. So, I went on this journey to try to learn more about my body and learn more about what I could offer other people.

I’ve spent over $200,000 on education, training, and treatments for myself. I want to save you a lot of money and frustration. Today, I’m reaching out to you to stop treating the symptoms.

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There is a solution!  We must look at the full package to really understand what’s going on.

If you are motivated and dedicated to making a difference in your life, I’m interested in talking to you.  Please contact me to book a complimentary call:

Together we can work to get to the root cause of your pain and health concerns.