I came to Dan with a drop foot condition, unable to walk for more than five minutes. I would experience terrible pain from a nerve compression caused by a herniated disc. As a result, I had lost all sensation in my left foot toes and could not lift my left foot because of a weakened and very tight ankle. Today, after working with Dan, I am able to walk comfortably for 30-45 minutes, after which I take a break because of fatigue rather than pain. I am pain-free now. In addition to being able to walk comfortably, my quality of life as a whole has improved, thanks to Dan. I sleep better and also eat better (I used to choke on my food often in the past).

Dan’s specialty is in being able to diagnose the underlying cause and treat the body as an intelligent and interconnected whole. His systematic and intelligent approach stems from his ability to ‘listen’ to the body and respond to it with sensitivity and strategies that most physical therapists lack. Dan’s holistic approach is what explains how my eating and sleep got better, in addition to my lower back. What I also appreciate in Dan is his genuine interest in empowering his patients towards understanding their own bodies and taking ownership of the strategies that work for them. I cannot thank him enough for his deep involvement and care towards me and my well-being.