The goal of my Five Fundamentals of Health series is to provide stepping stones to guide you on a path to a healthier version of yourself. I’ve focused on how to look within yourself to begin your healing journey and take the next steps by keeping your health goals simple, yet consistent. I’ve talked about the importance of movement and stillness, as well as the changes we need to make to be more stress-resilient.

This month is the fifth and final Fundamentals of Health: Fueling Ourselves for Success

The key to success is knowing when to take action. I invite you to fuel your success by making a commitment to yourself and taking action toward a healthier, happier YOU.


Woman with red dress sitting on a rock facing away looking towards a sunset over a hilly landscape across a lake.

Mindset Training

Your health starts with your mindset. Take time to incorporate self-development reading into your routine. Prioritize your health game plan, implement new routines, and evaluate your time management to be more productive. I would also suggest you integrate BrainTap into your daily routine. BrainTap is an invaluable headset device with over 300 programs to help you achieve personal relaxation, sleep improvement, and stress reduction. You can even get the headset and app to use from the comfort of your own home!


Person walking on snowy path with wooden fences heading looking towards a distant sunset in the trees.

Movement Training

Physical activity isn’t just about building muscles; it’s a catalyst to improve your state of mind and energy levels. Muscle development fuels blood flow, enhancing your energy levels and mental state. Schedule out regular time to move your body. This can be as easy as going on a walk or doing simple exercises.


Overhead shot of various people's hands preparing and sharing bowls of various foods on a neutral tone table.

Nutrient/Food Training

The foundation of your health lies in what you consume. Embrace a diet rich in whole, natural foods while reducing sugar, empty calories, processed foods, and alcohol. Remember, this change is not about restrictions; it’s about nourishing yourself for a life filled with vitality.

JumpStart Your 2024

Begin the new year with my JumpStart One-Month Program, which is designed to improve drainage, reduce inflammation, and boost energy with a blend of four essential supplements.

This year, I encourage you to dedicate yourself to a better YOU. Whether it’s chronic pain, past injuries, or simply a desire to live healthier, you are not alone. I am here to guide you through your journey.

This series became more than just a concept. It became my commitment to helping you achieve your health goals to transform your life.

Be Happy & Be Healthy
Dan Kinney