Client #1: Train Smart, Not Hard

My first client of the morning reported feeling 7/10 tightness throughout his body. He also stated that he hadn’t had a lot of time to do exercise.   So I decided to show him what he could achieve on his own and with 4 simple movements and within 20 minutes he reported 0/10 tightness.

As I inquired, why he wasn’t doing any exercise he said he had uncertainty and was distracted with work. As we further explored the mindset, we discovered that he thought he had to work out hard and go to the gym for an hour for weeks to get results. Completely not true.

Empowered & Pain Free

At the end of the session he was symptom-free, had more full body mobility and freedom of movement but the biggest thing he had was a new mindset. He had a mindset that it only took 10 or 20 minutes of certain movements to create a huge impact on his tight stiff body. He left empowered, encouraged and excited now about his home exercise program.


Client #2: Whole Body System

My next client that came to me for a right elbow and wrist problem that he’s had for quite some time and it hasn’t gotten any better.   He’d seen multiple practitioners and now had a belief that he would never be able to do the things he loves to do which is drumming and painting.

As I did my evaluation, I found him very tight through the hip/pelvic complex, a weak core, rounded shoulder and weak shoulder stabilizers. I went on to explain to him that because of these faults it was putting increased stress and strain on the elbow, forearm and wrist. That area was overworked and not getting support from the rest of the body.

All the other medical practitioners he had visited were treating the elbow, forearm and wrist and he was not getting better.

Psychological Blocks Eliminated

As I started to work on strengthening the shoulder stabilizers, he told me he could do only three repetitions and I challenged him that I thought he could do two more.  When I challenged him, he ended up doing seven more. The point of that story is that our subconscious mind tells us that we can only do so much and it is a complete lie.

That lie was preventing from achieving his dreams of being an excellent drummer, going on tour and owning a ranch.

You see the problem is that we let pain or health & life issues limit us and are left frustrated, sometimes hopeless, exhausted and turning to the overbooked medical system that treats the symptoms with drugs and leaves us to believe that there is no resolution and that we just have to live with it.

Whole Body Solution

What I do is, offer a system that PROVIDES natural solutions that leads to feeling up to 10 or more yrs younger and now believing in themselves and their dreams.

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