Osteoarthritis is a degenerative process of the joint. Osteo means bone, Arthritis means painful, swollen and stiff joint.   X-rays can show the degeneration process to the bones of the affected joint.

Risk factors:

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Previous injury
  • Too little or too much activity
  • Chronic inflammation

What you can do:

Don’t wait until you need a joint replacement or your taking medicines to get through the day.

  • Physical activity
  • Gut health
  • Proper foods and possible supplements
  • Prevention

Water Activities, OsteoarthritisPhysical activities:

Movement is so critical to increase blood flow and lubrication to the body and great for the mindset. Choose the appropriate movements that could include walking, water activities, cycling. Could also include tai chi, yoga, Pilates. Strength training has also been found to be very beneficial if done properly.

Gut Health:

What does my gut have to do with my joints? The answer is a lot. If the gut is not working properly it can create chronic inflammation throughout the body including the joints and not getting the proper nutrients to the rest of the body.

Proper Foods:

Eliminating or decreasing gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods can decrease inflammation and pain.


Prevention is always the best medicine. Learn to listen to your body and incorporate a healthy game plan that includes stress reduction, healthy foods, healthy lifestyle and a proactive approach.

Having a team to support you that includes Functional Medicine, physical therapy, nutrition and Coaching is always a very positive steps.

Feel Better, Be BetterWhat I do is:

I work with that client who is motivated and wants to be their own advocate for their health and well-being.

I do this one on one or now have a 7 Step Formula called “Feel Better, Be Better”, that is designed to help you get back to living life the way you envisioned-playing with the family, exercising, traveling and overall happier.

The best part, it is a 12 week online program that you can do from your home and incorporate into your daily life. I also include 3 1–1 sessions with me either on zoom or in person (whatever you’re comfortable with), weekly Live and recorded Q&A on Zoom, private Facebook group to share your successes and find more information.

The problem that I have found is that we all have great intentions but it’s hard to do this on our own so I have created a system that guides, coaches,teaches and supports you with life changing techniques, proper foods for the body/mind and exercises to have clarity and the tools you need to help you be in charge of your own health.

So stop relying on the overbooked medical system and heal naturally from the inside out to feel up to 10 years younger, in as little as six weeks.

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