Feel Better BE BETTER, Physical Therapy

This program is for the middle aged ex-athlete that is tired of treating symptoms,  undergoing tests, going to doctors and other medical practitioners and not getting answers.. This 12 week step by step program will guide, coach and support you in reclaiming your greatness.

This program leads to a healthy game plan and lifestyle. Can you imagine how your entire life would be different? Your health impacts all other areas of your life. Business, finances, recreation and fun, family and spouse.

This seven step, FEEL BETTER, BE BETTER, Formula includes the health and fitness assessment, gut health, hormone balance and muscular skeletal system at köpa testosteron
. We take the whole body approach and get to the root causes of your problems rather than treating symptoms and utilize natural solutions that will empower you to reclaim your life. Guidance and tools that will assist you with achieving optimal health and well-being.

What you get : 

  • Step By Step Guidance
  • Community Support
  • Weekly activities
  • Daily Chat
  • One on One Assessments
  • Accountability
  • And Much More…

Your leader, Dan Kinney, is a functional medicine practitioner, physical therapist and certified life coach with many years of experience.

For more details, visit kinneyptwellness.com or call 805-494-3131, email or request a screening below.

Applicable Conditions & Treatments:

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