Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

According to The Institute of Functional Medicine, this approach or system focuses on root causes and not treating symptoms. This approach empowers you to take charge of your treatment plan and well-being. Functional Medicine takes a full body approach and believes that every system is connected to the other systems in the body. For instance, a gut issue can lead to chronic inflammation that can lead to aches and pains in your muscles or joints. 

Functional Medicine looks at your individual lifestyle, stress level and management, food and exercise plan, mindset, family history and the individual’s history and genetic influence. The whole focus is helping the client/patient understand the root cause of their problem and the natural solution to regain their well-being and living a healthy life. 

This program is for the person that is dedicated, motivated and ready to reclaim their health and life back to well-being. If that is you, I offer a FREE consultation to see if you qualify for this program. Fill out the form on the website. 

We at Kinney PT and Wellness want to make sure that your health and wellness is here for the long haul and Functional Medicine can help you get there. contact Kinney Physical Therapy & Wellness today in Westlake Village, CA today to get started.